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Nourishing Lip Oil 15ml

Essentiallee Pure

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Nourishing Lip Oil 15ml
Nourishing Lip Oil 15ml
Nourishing Lip Oil 15ml

Just as skin oils are used to boost hydration and plump skin cells, lip oils do the same.
Jojoba, Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Pomegranate & Kakadu Plum are just some of the organic and nourishing  ingredients in our NEW Lip oil and are super charged with nutrients that will heal, hydrate and soothe those chapped lips... this actually work as a treatment as well!

For full-day hydration, apply the Nourishing Lip Oil two to three times throughout the day... 
~Your most important application should be just before you go to bed so the oils with all those amazing vitamins and minerals can work overnight.

Tip: Apply a few minutes before putting on Lipstick and watch how smooth it goes on.... or apply Lip oil over the top of your Lipstick to add a shiny lip gloss look.

~I also use this antioxidant packed lip oil for the back of my hands of a night to help moisturise, it works a treat... actually, it’s been more effective then any hand cream I’ve used... and especially now with us all washing our hands so much with soap and alcohol based hand sanitisers, your hands are going to really need this and will lap every bit of it up

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