Natural and Organic Handmade Lip Balms

We have sourced Beautiful and Indulgent organic and natural ingredients for our handmade lip balms.

Using pure lush ingredients is the key to beautiful, healthy lips.

🌱 Please spot test before use. 

🌱 As all our lip balms are handmade, colours may vary from batch to batch.

🌱 If you see white grainy discolouration it’s just the Organic Shea Butter. This doesn’t hurt the integrity or health benefits of the balm... Skin butters like shea, mango, and cocoa all have different melting points. They contain fatty acids and vitamins throughout, which is what our skin loves about them. Shea butter has a rather low melting point, and eventually cools down at room temperature.
Sometimes, summer temperatures causes shea butter to melt while it’s being shipped. As it is cooling again slowly, the fatty acids start to become solid faster than the shea itself.
Shea butter also contains stearic acid, which actually has a high melting point. This is where the grains or white spots come in to play. 

ENJOY these beautiful natural products! 💋